* Note: Above is a mock trailer with previously recorded interviews that could give an idea of some of the shots that could be placed in a feature Documentary on the work of Philippe Starck. Below is the full treatment outline of what it could possibly become.

Starck the Design Documentary: Treatment


Philip Starck sets at his desk with a visiting interviewer seated across from him. The interviewer hands him a set of headphones and asks him what he thinks of the design of the headphones. Philip contemplates the question and answers.

Music/Title Cards

Title Card: The Birth

 Act 1 begins with his opinion of past design and what makes good design. Next his career beginnings will be explored. Still pictures of his father will be shown as Starck narrates early childhood experiences. These experiences will entail how he was influenced by his father to take up design. Next, a montage of pictures of his first design concepts and him as a young man intertwines to a fast paced soundtrack. The pictures will include where he studied at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris where he produced inflatable objects and started his first company. After, his interior Work on the Nightclub La Main Bleue and Les Bains-Douches will be featured. The music slows Starck narrates his work on the private apartment of President Francois Mitterrand. The music fades into shots of a quiet Starck working in his office. He pulls out drawing and inspiration for the restaurants he has designed like Miss Ko in Paris which has graphics of dragons that swim thru the table while dining and products such as the Juicy Salif juicer Alessi. As, he shows the design he explains his rejection of design for beauty and symbolic and expresses his hope to improve peoples lives with humor and surprises. He then hints at how it should also go to a more organic state to improve the world in which we live. 

Title Card: The Death

Act 2 music with a montage of headlines is shown proclaiming Design is Dead according to Philippe Starck. In 2008 Starck announced his retirement because of his discontentment with the ethical and consumption that come with product design. A close up of Starck where he expresses that the whole announcement was a bit dramatic and explains how he plans to deal with it. He introduces “Democratic Ecology”, which is a personal invisible windmill. This enables every man women and child to generate up to 20-60% there own personal energy to run the home. Music comes in montage of eco friendly work by Starck plays out. The Organic Tap for Axor is explained how it can save water by switching the head from the boost setting as well as the lines of the spout being generated from vegetation. It cuts with controversial interactions with other designers and then to the relationship wit Emeco and the explanation of the Broom Chair. Starck and Emeco in a collaborative effort made a recyclable, repurposed, reclaimed chair that would use the waste that would normally be put in the trash and then to a landfill or burned. Starck charmingly explains the explanation for the name as magic made by dust.

Title Card: Immortality

Act 3 sums up the belief that sustainability is guiltless immortality. In the final scenes Starck explains the human propensity to want to do better, to live better, never returning to old ways. He believes that products such as the Broom Chair, the Organic Tap, and Democratic Ecology are the start of social and environmental responsible design and that is a necessity every designer should consider every time they set down to create. This scene will have a series of shots showing Starck products at work, a journey thru time of the origins of teh ghost chair and the music raises.





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